User Manual for ANBAO Photocatalyst Mosquito Trap-AB-2028A

ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_3.jpg ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_5.jpg ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_5.jpg

Check the parts in advance

1. Photocatalyst mosquito trap-AB-2028A  2. Balance base  3. Pillar for two male side 4. Pillar for one female side  5. Un-escape cover  6. AC adaptor

Step1. Put Pillar(3) into balance base(2)

Step2. Take female side of Pillar(4) into Pillar(3) and then fasten

ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_6.jpg  ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_7.jpg  ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_8.jpg

Above photo is Pillow+Base finished Photo

Step3. Turn over the photocatalyst mosquito trap-AB-2028A(1)

Step4. Open the small screw beside Touch sticker

ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_9.jpg    ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_10.jpg  

Step5. Take off the mosquito body box and then oppose it.

Step6. Turn the un-escape cover(5) into mosquito body box(toward one side of tenon is bigger in the cover to turn)

      Note. Un-escape cover will lower the power of fan and it will cause the effect of attracting mosquito. If concern, do not put the cover.

ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_12.jpg      ANBAO_Photocatalyst_mosquito_trap_AB2028_1.jpg

Step8. Fasten the small screw to avoid the hurt of children

Step9. Fasten the photocatalyst mosquito trap-AB-2028A(1) into Pillow+Base

Finished product as above


How to use?????

Plug AC adaptor(6)into Photocatalyst mosquito trap-AB-2028A, at this time, the product will be Light for one time and then off.

Touch the IC switch and then setting by yourself

Touch first time, it will “Beep” for one time, it will be auto-closed by 6 hours.

Touch second time, it will “Beep” for two times, it will be auto-closed by 12 hours.

Touch third time, it will “Beep” for three times, it will be always open.

Touch forth time, it will “Beep” for one long time, it will be closed.


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