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               ANBAO has Taiwan old manufacturing craftsman's spirit, like process of manufacture shoes step by step, The design of DC energy-saving electric fan, is also concerned from the energy-saving, USB, strong wind speed, long time using…..


Item: AB-6601

Product: ANBAO DC electric fan

Size: 8 inch

Input Voltage: 5V/1A

Power Consumption: 7W

Weight: 590g

Original: China


General electric battery fan, often use not long, or need to change the battery very soon, Anbao electric DC fan can be used fully 8 hours non-stop with 10,000mah power bank.

Normal electric portable fan, mostly 4 inch or 6 inch, Anbao DC electric fan production the maximum size of the 8 inch blade, per sec winds of up to 3.8m, can be felt cool really.

Anbao DC electric fan can be convenient for consumers to use in the upward direction

Anbao DC electric fan can be convenient for consumers to use in the downward direction

Anbao DC electric fan uses the latest architecture energy-saving DC fan. The current 8 inch AC fan is average 40W, however, Anbao electric DC fan just need 7w. It can achieve an effective energy saving, in addition to outdoor, and can replace small fan in the room

Anbao DC electric fan is very concerned between products and user experience, and can be used in the courtyard, bathroom, car, travel, examination room, dormitory, and the office…...

A good portable fan must have lower power consumption, and powerful wind speed. Anbao electric DC fan just need to use by power bank and then offer more powerful wind speed than others.

ANBAO has each factory in Taiwan and China with more than 30 years of production experience, in the product development has been toward the direction of energy saving, do the job for energy saving and environmental protection.

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