ANBAO Electric Fly Swatter AB-9902
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Product info

  1. The outline is similar tennis racket
  2. Taiwanese main components
  3. Peak current up to 0.2~0.3mA
  4. Auto-discharge after using
  1. Electronic net:  single grill
  2. Battery: C type battery*2pcs
  3. Voltage: 2400V
  4. Peak current: 0.2~0.3mA
  5. Product Size: 535x205mm

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 use Taiwanese main components and the voltage is up to 2400V, peak current is up to 0.8mA. It is the reason how powerful you saw.ANBAO was establish in taiwan and have 40years experience to professional produce electric fly swatter, electric mosquito killer and LED desk lamp.

The outline of ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 is similar tennis racket, and be printed the head of electric fly swatter. It is a delicate insect racket, not like the cheaper plastic product.

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 use single grill of net, it will be easy to catch the mosquito and easy clean. AB-9902 has the auto dis-chargeable function. It will be no power in the net after using.

The voltage of ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 is up to 2400V, when mosquito come close the net and will be attracted by high voltage and peak current is up 0.2mA-0.3mA, this power not only kill but also burst the mosquito and won

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 use Taiwan-made main components, EE19 transformer can direct raise voltage to 2400V +204J high capacitor storage more current+ 2pcs of D965R safety design. And it can kill and burst the mosquito or insect. This design still can pass the test of thousands electric shock, It can use for a long time, not easy damage. Just need to press the button, the red lighted, and then kill the mosquito.

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9902 has the hang-up hole, and it can be storage easily after killing the mosquito or insect and fly.

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