ANBAO Electric Fly Swatter AB-9920
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Product info

  1. The idea of outline is designed from TOTEM
  2. 4000V high voltage
  3. Peak current up to 0.06~0.1mA
  4. Auto-discharge after using
  1. Item: AB-9920
  2. Electronic net: Big double network
  3. Battery:           C type battery*2pcs
  4. Voltage:          4000V
  5. Peak current   0.06~0.1mA
  6. Product Siz:    223*40*555mm
  7. Weight:           0.4kg

ANBAO household appliances company from Taiwan since 1976, have 40years experience to professional produce electric fly swatter, photocatalyst mosquito trap,electric mosquito killer, and LED desk lamp.

The outline idea of ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9920 is designed from TOTEM.

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9920 uses double electric net, one side is positive and the other side is negative electricity. The mosquito just be touched by the two nets, and will be dead by high power.

AB-9920 has the auto dis-chargeable function,it will be no power in the net after using.

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9920

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9920 use 4-times design to raise voltage up 4000V. This design still can pass the test of thousands electric shock, It can use for a long time, not easy damage. Just need to press the button, after the red lighted then to kill the mosquito.

ANBAO electric fly swatter AB-9920 has the hang-up hole, and it can be storage easily after killing the mosquito, fly and insect.

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