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         ANBAO 15W Electric Mosquito Killer has Dual Core inside which can bear 1 Million of electric shock and add the life of UV tube. And also Use ABS fireproof material and 15W UV tube to attract the mosquito more.


ITEM: AB-9849A

Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz

Tube: 15W T5 UV Tube

Power consumption: 18W

Carton: 288*250*505mm for 6pcs



ANBAO have 40 years experience to professional produce electric fly swatter, photocatalyst mosquito trap,electric mosquito killer, and LED desk lamp from 1976.

ANBAO electric mosquito killer use Taiwan-made traditional transformer, ballast and material, not China-made for electric transformer and ballast, it can add the life of UV tube and bear 1million of electric shock.

Delicate handle and beautiful outline.

The Spark when electric shock will cause the ABS carbonized and it will let ABS as the conductor when fire. ANBAO electric mosquito killer use US standard electric net to avoid carbonized problem.

Just turn on the base and easy clean the mosquito body.

Except separate the net and ABS material, ANBAO electric mosquito killer use fireproof ABS to avoid the fire, easy using 24hours.

ANBAO electric mosquito killer aim to 365nm which is visible for mosquito to use UV tube and it will attract the mosquito easily.

The secret to kill Mosquito, Insect and Bug.

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