ANBAO Eye-Protective LED Desk Lamp AB-7720
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Product info

1. Win the prize of 2014 Gold Design in Taiwan

2. Four colors can be chose

3. 360 Angle and Height

4. Use V-CUT filter to avoid glare and ghost situation

5. Step and Stepless adjust the brightness of LED lamp

Light: 9W LED(including  12pcs 5500K and 9pcs 3500K 5730 LED chip)

Illumination: 1200lux

Input voltage:110V-220V

Output voltage: 12V/1000mA

Touch switch:  Step(+_10%) and Stepless(long press) adjust the brightness

Power consumption: 9W



ANBAO LED desk lamp asks for high quality, no glare and no ghost.

How to test for glare: Just open the camera of cell phone and let the lens close the lighting of LED desk lamp. At the same time, you can see the glare situation in the monitor of cell phone.

ANBAO LED desk lamp has four colors chose

White+Yello light: Boost the spirit and won’t stimulate the eye White light: Focus on reading in the short time Yellow light: Let the eye more comfortable when reading Small Yellow light: Do not sleep nerves and good for eye health for you who used to read before going to sleep.

ANBAO LED desk lamp has step and stepless to adjust the brightness.

Step: when press + for one time, it will add 10% brightness and press – for one time, it will decrease 10% brightness. Stepless: when press + for long time, the light will be shine more, press – for long time, the light will be lower. When press on/off for a long time, it will be memorize the bright for last time you used. When opening desk lamp again, it will come back last brightness you memorized. When pressing – for a long time under shutdown situation, the buzzer will be closed. When pressing – again, the buzzer will be open.

ANBAO LED desk lamp can be 360 angles to adjust the light direction and angle, and you can find one suitable height or angle to read under your need.

ANBAO LED desk lamp Use V-CUT filter to avoid glare and ghost situation

in order to protect the eye, we use high quality of V-Cut filter, it cannot compared with others bad quality Led lamp

ANBAO LED desk lamp have USB port(5V, 500mA) to charge the cell phone. when you don’t want to use power bank, we add one USB port to charge cell phone when focus reading.

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